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Sunday, November 4, 2007

We make "Forbes" Magazine.

Dear Fellow Friend,

One more item of interest that I just received in an update from a fellow member.... Mike G. has joined forces with gibLink.

If I have to explain who Mike G is then you are obviously new to this business. He is one of the most dominant forces on the www today. He is the #1 Top Earner in many Companies. Trust this sentence: If Mike G. is in the business, not only is it legitimate, it is HIGHLY Profitable!

Don't forget who else is in this Company: David Dubbs - Top Earner in several Companies as well Jane Marls/Phil Basten - Owners of JPE Advertising and One Minute Ads.

Anyone who is anyone in Network Marketing is in this program so what are you waiting for?

Are you in yet?

This is not just another program

Not only is Giblink on target to Be the next global Myspace, Google, YouTube, GoDaddy and more-all in one... But your participation as a member in the Revenue Sharing Program IS what will get you telling everyone you know about gibLink, too!!!!

The sooner you get in, the sooner you get p*aid so timing is important here.

Giblink & Forbes Magazine Review

WOW...simply unreal!!!

gibLink is growing more legitimate and more valid by the second.

Just got an update that gibLink is now featured on

See the article here:

PR Newswire - Press Release
GIBLINK Setting Records With Internet Conference Calls
09.27.07, 3:02 PM ET

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TAMPA, Fla., Sept. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- giblink is setting records with unbelievable conference call numbers.

On Monday, September 24th the giblink conference call was swamped with over 20,000 people who wanted information.

What if you had had the chance to revenue share with the owners of MySpace, YouTube, GoDaddy or Google? That would be the opportunity of the century!!!!

Now imagine for a moment, a company that could bring all the best elements of these companies under one roof with a primary focus on a business social networking community, designed for small, medium and even home business entrepreneurs around the world to promote, advertise and expand their core business to compete in the global marketplace.

Well here's your chance to align yourself with the next Internet giant ... giblink.

To grow giblink into a huge community we have designed the "gibline". The gibline is a Revenue Sharing Program where giblink shares its success with the members who help build it. To ensure giblink is established as the dominating business community globally we have designed an innovative plan to allow Members to profit from giblink's growth.

gibline Marketing System

In addition to the phenomenal resources, business expansion and income generating capabilities you receive as a gibline Member, you will also receive an easy to use, totally turn-key marketing and CRM solution to accelerate your business exposure.

The gibline Straight Line Revenue Sharing Program is a revolutionary new system designed to "leave no one behind".

How is this Possible?

Let us explain: Everyone joining the Program starts at the bottom of gibline -- and we mean everyone. There are no favors for the "BIG PLAYERS", everyone is treated the same.

Look at it as if it was a ladder -- people start at the bottom and get pushed to the top. So when everyone has the same starting point -- everyone has to be pushed through by new pods starting at the bottom. In other words everyone is working with everyone else.

It's an amazing concept that has incredible results. If you hear of someone bringing in a large group of people "THAT'S GREAT FOR EVERYONE" because it just pushes everyone through the giblines.


That is HUGE, or as they say on the calls...GI-NORMOUS!

I simply can't stress enough how important it is for
you to take action here. The risk versus reward ratio may never be this
good again...EVER!

I strongly recommend joining at the PRO level for $150. Go here:

and join ASAP. The quicker you join, the more poeple will be behind you
helping you to cycle.

Tens of thousands have already joined and there's no way
we can all be wrong.

Do it today, Do It NOW!

==================================================================== Welcome to: "GIBLINE WORKS"! A FEW REASONS TO JOIN BELOW: 5 reasons for you to get in today..

2- Within 30 days you Will make 10 times that amount!

3- On your second month you should receive Over $5,000!

4- You will make In 3 Month More than $50k!

5- This program will create Millionaires Very Fast..! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: GIBLINK WORKS! Greetings Everyone,

Welcome to those of you that just joined. As I'm sure you'll all agree, things are getting really exciting to say the least. Giblink is growing by leaps and bounds everyday…meaning all those that join after you (whether you referred them or not) in this straight line
matrix will go under you propelling you to the top of the launch pad causing you to cycle through the giblines possibly as soon as Giblink launches. This thing is less than 2 weeks old in prelaunch…can you imagine how many more will join in the coming weeks and months?


QUESTION: How soon after launch will we get paid?

ANSWER: They anticipate full launch of the gibLine prior to October. The first
commission run will commence within 48 hours of launching.

QUESTION: How well do you think Giblink will do?
ANSWER: I hate promising anything, but I do have a good feeling
about this one. My sponsor has been in close contact with the owners and speaks
very highly of them. What impresses me most, is how everything is being handled
very professionally.

Just to name a few points:

-Product is a very well thought out innovative concept similar to myspace, but
for business professionals...If it catches fire like myspace did, then we're
all in for the ride of our lives.
-No payment processor can pay with a credit card directly from
the join page...shows their seriousness to have gone through the trouble of
attaining a merchant account
-Due to the ENORMOUS demand of folks trying to get on the Conference Calls...
20,000 people this past Monday night, Admin upgraded the platform with
a direct link from the website instead of having to call in with your phone.
-Supplements to the comp plan: Which entails additional income (out-of-pocket from Admin)
injected to the giblines to boost everyone through the lines faster

QUESTION - Hi, Is there a way to upgrade to pro if I came in at the
50.00 level?

ANSWER - Several members have asked the same question. I spoke about
this with Cary during our phone chat this afternoon. The only way you can
upgrade from a Standard membership is to sign up again at your own website
with a Pro membership. You must use a different username and email address.
When you do this you will have 1 personal referral under your original position.
If you want to fully qualify your original position you must refer 1 more member
under your original position. The advantage is that your second membership will
be fully qualified, you will have a total of 4 pods cycling in the program and you
will receive matching bonuses on the 3 new pods plus a matching bonus on the
second member that you refer to your original position. However, please make
everyone aware of the importance of joining at the PRO level right away if they
intend to be totally passive.

QUESTION - In order to enhance their position, does it make any sense for a
person to take say three or four seperate Pro positions, say one every month for
three or four months,or can you only take one position per person?

ANSWER - I also discussed this with Cary. He said there is really no reason to
do it because of the number of positions that are created as we cycle from one
gibLine to the next. He also said that he understands why some members
may want to sign up family members as long as they use a different username
and email address.

QUESTION - Do you know the founders or sponsors of the program?

ANSWER - They are Cary Vizzutti, Adam Bernard, Ron Snodgrass
and Jim Myers.
QUESTION - If I only purchase 1 POD for 50 and I'm

able to find my 2 referrals, will I then be able to cycle
to the next level and higher? or will I just keep cycling

in the 1st level over & over again?

ANSWER - Two personal referrals is all that is required to
fully qualify for all levels of the pay plan. Those who cannot
refer at least 2 members must understand the importance of

entering at the PRO level. By doing so, they will have 3 pods
and will be fully qualified. In other words, their purchase of
3 pods means that they are relieved of the requirement to refer

2 members. It is also important to note that you will receive
matching bonuses on your 2nd and 3rd pod each time they cycle.
To state this in other terms, by coming in at the Pro level,

the 2 additional positions or "pods" that you purchase take
the place of 2 personal referrals. These positions are treated
as if you referred 2 members yourself. This is


QUESTION - Quick questions... i listened to the call and
read the web pages but it is easier for me if you can answer
a few questions for me...

1. straight line (single) so there are no dead legs?

ANSWER - Correct. Members are always moving forward
due to the combined effort of all members and the

renewals every 90 days.

2. will i ever have to pay anything else other than my
$150 for three pods?

ANSWER - Yes. to retain your membership you need to pay $150

(or $50 if you are a Standard member) every 3 months. All
members are required to do this and that pushes everyone

3. i can be completely passive and still cycle
due to the
single straight line?

ANSWER - Yes, assuming you enter at the Pro level.
4. when is the official launch?

ANSWER - They hope to launch at the end of the month or very
early October.

QUESTION - Hi Ken, I just joined gibline at the pro stage. I have been
inviting a lot of people to go to my website. I am excited
because I was in YMMSS from the beginning and made a lot
of money. What I need to know is, when we start to getting paid,
what pay processor is used?

ANSWER - They will offer a debit card shortly after launch. Members
may also request to be paid via check.

QUESTION - If you are wanting to help someone get into
GibLink by paying their way, will the credit/debit card be rejected if
the names don't match (registering person and paying person)?
Thanks, Philip

ANSWER - the name on the credit card does not need
to match the member name.

I hope everyone is actively referring others. The matching
bonus for each personally sponsored member will make a huge
difference in your earnings.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Get Out Of Debt !!!!

....TO KNOW YOU PASSED UP THIS OPPORTUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you know that true opportunity is obtaining information and being able to act on it before the general public does?

This is how fortunes are made...In the stock market it's called "insider trading" and it's illegal because of the unfair advantage it gives those with the information.

In our business, it is perfectly legal to make vital information available to a select few before it is announced to the general public.

What if you had the chance to revenue share with the owners of MySpace, YouTube, GoDaddy or Google? That would have been the opportunity of the century!!!!

These companies are successful because they each meet a need of the user to establish connections and network with other people around the world. This need is primarily met through a new medium called social networking also referred to as Web 2.0.

Now imagine for a moment, a platform that could bring all the best elements of these companies under one roof with a primary focus on a business social networking community, designed for small, medium and even home business entrepreneurs around the world to promote, advertise and expand their core business to compete in the global marketplace!

The new gibLine program is now open for pre-registration worldwide prior to the official launch later this month. Right now you have the option to join and lock in your position via
credit card. Here is how one fellow member describes this unique program.

"The bottom line is: Nobody Will Be Left Behind on this one. It is a global straight line system so that everybody helps everybody, no matter who sponsored them in. Every time 5 people come in, anywhere in the world to the one structure, the person at the top cycles and then re-enters at the bottom."

"We basically all take our turn getting paid but are also automatically re-entered into the next highest level each time too. It doubles every cycle. Starting at $50, then $100, then 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400 etc."

"Timing is of the essence. Don't get me wrong, this program will be amazing no matter when you join, simply because every 3 months everyone re-enters to keep it all moving. Imagine, there are 10,000 positions in the line and then in 90 days, everyone automatically re-enters so that 10,000 more spots come in to propel those again just to give everyone an extra boost. (happens automatically) . I'd like to see you get in before the masses and take advantage of that 1st wave."

We've always been on the look out for a program with a straightline structure similar to the old YMMSS program which ran for 2 years and which benefited a lot of people equally. We believe that gibLine has the potential because of their excellent social networking product which will give it strong longevity. Also with the quarterly re-cycles, it will help keep life into the paylines.

Free memberships will be offered once the program officially launches. Right now members must join at either the Standard level ($50) or the Pro level ($150) . Please be sure you understand the difference between the 2 levels of membership.

Basic Membership:

$50.00 Quarterly entry fee creates 1 POD in gibLine #1 No sponsoring required to earn commissions and FREE replacement pods to gibLine #1.
Cannot advance to gibline #2 (only re-cycles in gibLine #1)
$50.00 Cash Commission after launching off gibLine #1
1 POD re-entry to the bottom of gibLine #1 , with each cycle completed.
100% Matching Bonus on personally sponsored members

Pro Membership:

$150.00 Quarterly entry fee creates 3 PODs in gibLine #1
All 3 PODS are qualified for commissions (POD I –sponsors POD 2&3 automatically)
Eligible to advance to gibLine #2
No Cash commissions for cycling off gibLine #1 as it is used to leverage your commissions.
Cash commissions begin after launching off gibLine #2
100% Matching Bonus on personally sponsored members, PLUS - 100% matching bonus' on your other (2) TWO positions in your bundle pack of 3.
That is the gibLine difference - you get 100% matching bonus' off yourself because you are the sponsor of your other TWO positions. This is HUGE !!!!!
You are invited to our next live conference call to hear about the program.
Here are the call details....

Description: gibLink and the gibLine Revenue Sharing Plan
Phone: 724-444-7444
Pin: 53800

Contact Information:

Daniel Brooks

feel free to call me and talk it make sure you understand the opportunity that's involved here!!!!!

PS: They have been 8947 members joined under me so far and we are still in pre-launch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going live October 15th if not before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!